Friday, April 13, 2012

Purple Glass Bunny in 720p

As I did with my Teacup and Spoon image, I recently re-rendered my Purple Glass Bunny image in high quality 720p resolution. Unlike the Teacup and Spoon, the overall look of this one has significantly changed since last time, because the original bunny render had a few significant problems. First, the original purple glass bunny had a bug where the light stopped being attenuated after the first internal bounce, i.e., the purple glass changed to clear glass. Second, the original bunny model had a few giant holes in the bottom. I didn't even realize they were there until recently. I fixed this by finding a higher quality version of the bunny model online. Both of those problems detracted from the realism of the original image. This time around, I also made some tweaks to the composition and colors, and applied a subtle curve to raise the black level and increase contrast a tiny bit (all in Photorealizer; nothing in post). Here's the result:

New version of my Purple Glass Bunny render. Click to view full size!
And here's the old 480p version for comparison:

Last year's Purple Glass Bunny.

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