Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bonus Renders

Here are some more renders that I've created with my updated subsurface scattering and dispersion systems.

First, a smoother, more translucent bunny. Compared to the bunnies from two posts ago, this bunny has lower scattering and absorption coefficients, and it exhibits forward scattering instead of isotropic scattering.

Path-traced subsurface scattering.

Next, a diamond ring with dispersion. The dispersion in these particular diamonds is relatively subtle because the lighting is very flat, and because the lighting and objects are all shades of gray. All of the color comes from dispersion.

Diamonds with dispersion. Ring designed by Alice Herald, © 1791 Diamonds.

I also rendered updated versions of the translucent blue Lucy images that I rendered last year. You can see the original images here.

Subsurface scattering accomplished using Monte Carlo path tracing.

A diffuse, opaque approximation of the image above.

BSSRDF-based multiple scattering + single scattering.

Before creating the approximate version (the last image), I made some speed and memory optimizations to my BSSRDF-based multiple scattering system. In particular, I now cache all of the values that are the same every time the BSSRDF is evaluated. 

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